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Info & Use

Polar Icecel reusable synthetic ice, the innovative cold

Polar IceGel, reusable synthetic ice for all products that do not tolerate interruptions in the cold chain.
This revolutionary refrigeration system was created and developed to maintain and transport all perishable products such as food, flowers, medicines at a controlled temperature. Thanks to its original and exclusive formula, the Polar Icegel synthetic ice guarantees the optimal temperature during transport, also allowing, unlike dry ice, savings of up to 60% on transport costs.

Particular interest in our product comes from the product sectors of perishable foodstuffs: fish, shellfish, seafood, meat, dairy products, cured meats, sausages and hams, fruit and vegetables, chocolate, ice cream and pastry. It should also be emphasized the growing interest in the Polar Icegel synthetic ice system by the producers of fresh pasta, therefore by the pasta factories that produce spaghetti, macaroni, tortellini, agnolotti, ravioli, cappellacci and other similar typically Italian specialties that have preferred this refrigerated transport system for be shipped all over the world.

The Polar Icegel system can be used both for the transport of fresh or frozen products.

 The technologial solution

This effective refrigerant is the revolutionary alternative in the field of food transport, shipping and storage of any perishable goods. It replaces with better results all the refrigerants existing on the market including dry ice, gel-packs and traditional ice.
Thanks to the surprising thermoregulation characteristics of the Polar Icegel, the goods, suitably placed in the traditional ones containers used for refrigerated transport, it will remain cold-frozen for a guaranteed period of 48 hours. The Polar Icegel is cheaper, easier to manage, with a limited footprint compared to the now supplanted and obsolete commonly used refrigeration methods. Excellent for transporting products that do not tolerate any interruption of the “cold chain”.
The Polar Icegel is the new technological solution in logistics for the transport of perishable food at a controlled temperature

The advantages 

Fresh for a long time, 48 hours guaranteed, but also durable for longer

  • Savings on transport costs thanks to its lightness
  • Excellent value for money
  • It does not damage any product
  • Tested and approved for food use
  • Keeps products fresh without freezing
  • It does not harm the environment and is recyclable
  • Polar Icegel is reusable
  • Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration
  • Approved by the European Community

Safe & Economical

Unlike dry ice, no additional costs and special procedures are foreseen, whatever the courier. To be handled dry ice obliges couriers to comply with specific procedures carried out by specialized personnel, and the sending company is also required to make a prior declaration. The higher costs required by the courier for the management of dry ice greatly affect the cost of shipments. Using Polar Icegel together with the PolarPack allows you to keep the temperature below 6 ° C for at least 48 hours.
An ever increasing number of European and world destinations can thus be reached with the guarantee offered by Polar Icegel which will thus allow the arrival at their destination of products that are always intact and in perfect storage conditions.

Cold that does not burn the products

In the case of frozen foods, the Polar Icegel synthetic ice does not cause any type of “cooling shock” as it does not produce the classic cold burns to foods or sensitive substances with which it comes into direct contact, therefore it becomes ideal for shipping food products characterized by particular delicacy such as , for example, fish (especially lobsters, lobsters, crabs) or the precious truffle.
Can be used anywhere without limitations: air transport, parcel post, road transport, container transport.